Gawler Arms Hotel
our history
The Giannitto family name is synonymous with the Gawler Arms Hotel and the excellent quality food, great service and clean family environment that patrons have come to expect over many years.

Antonio and Teresa Giannitto and family have been operating the Gawler Arms Hotel since 1971. They are the longest serving hotel operators in Gawler and have created a business that is renowned in the northern areas for the quality of food and service.

During this 38 year history with the Gawler Arms their children (Angelo, John, Sandro and Sognia) have been brought up in the hotel environment and have helped in many aspects of the business. To this end all of them have an affinity and passion for the family businesses that now includes the Southern Hotel in Gawler and Taminga Hotel in Clare.

The family works together with Head Chef Mr. Michael Perin, who has been instrumental to the success of the food operations since starting with the Giannitto’s at the Gawler Arms Hotel 25 years ago.

The Gawler Arms underwent a successful transformation in 1996 from a traditional “pub” with front bar, meals and accommodation to a more modern hotel with the same traditional values you expect from a family operated hotel. Within 12 months the success was evident, with patrons queuing for meals at the hotel. To cater for this increased demand, a further extension was required in 1998.

This saw the gaming room relocated and more space devoted to the dining customers. The purpose built all you can eat soup, salad, vegetable and dessert buffet was installed and has become the focus of the value for money dining that has been created throughout all 3 hotels.
In 2007 further extensive renovations took place to extend the ground floor dining area and cover the ever popular bistro food offering.  The Gaming Room was once again relocated and moved to a new room built on at the back of the ground floor facilities, leaving in its place a multi-purpose room catering for overflow of bistro dining and presenting patrons an alternative to the upstairs function room (The Reserve), now known as ‘The Jacob Room’.  Improvements and benefits to guests and patrons continued with the addition of a third function room upstairs, ‘The Loft’ and a Bridal Lounge for our Brides & Grooms.

With the success of the Gawler Arms being talked about far and wide, the Giannitto family purchased the South End Hotel in the year 2000 and, after major renovations, reopened the Southern Hotel in 2001. This renovation saw a hotel that was unashamedly “a little bit different” to all others in the town. The Giannitto family saw a need for a purpose built entertainment facility with full service restaurant to set it apart from the other 10 hotels in the town.  The hard work was recognized in 2003 by winning the AHA SA “Best Bistro Dining” in 2003.

After 6 successful years as an entertainment facility the Giannitto’s found by talking with their customers that they preferred the ambience of the Southern Hotel, however, they longed for the all you can eat soup salad vegetable and dessert buffet – well known to patrons of the Gawler Arms.

So it was here that the idea of  providing the same extensive menu and pricing with sensational service revolving around the popular all you can eat soup salad and vegetable buffet was realised. This has enabled the Giannitto family to focus on “food cooked fresh from our family to yours” and deliver a consistent quality product with great service in comfortable surroundings where families are made to feel welcome.

In 2004 the Giannitto family decided to look further afield to provide the same levels of service and quality meals to an area outside of Gawler. That search culminated in the Taminga Hotel being purchased, with major renovations planned.

The Taminga underwent a major transformation that was completed in 2009 and it was recognized with the accolade of “Best redeveloped hotel – Country” at the AHA SA awards night in July 2009. This is an award that the Giannitto Family and the people of Clare are very proud of.


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